International Philatelic Show
Международное филателистическое шоу

Москва, 27-29 сентября 2013, Moscow


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General Information about the International Philatelic Show “Rossica-2013”
27-29 September 2013
Congress Centre, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (RF CCI)
6 Ilyinka Ulitsa, Moscow, Russian Federation
Organisers: National Academy of Philately of Russia and the People’s Archive ANO
Co-organisers: European Academy of Philately and the Union of Philatelists of Russia
The International Philatelic Show “Rossica-2013” is the Academy’s first philatelic show organised as a noncompetitive exhibition. The show will be attended by members of the National Academy of Philately of Russia, the Union of Philatelists of Russia, the European Academy of Philately and national academies of philately in Europe, postal organisations, collectors, community organisations, and associations. The Club de Monte-Carlo and the Royal Philatelic Society of London will be honorary participants of the show.
Several notable events will be commemorated during “Rossica-2013”:
·         The 100th anniversary of the first Russian issuance of commemorative postage stamps,
·         The 155th anniversary of the issuance of the first Russian postage stamps,
·         The 150th anniversary of the release of the first Russian postage stamps for the municipal post offices in St Petersburg and Moscow.
The International Philatelic Show “Rossica-2013” in Moscow will promote all aspects of the post and philately; the philatelic movement associated with Russian themes in Russia and the world; and the development and growth of friendly relations between the European Academy of Philately, national philatelic academies, and Rossica clubs.
To commemorate “Rossica-2013”, there will be the release of a special postcard with an original stamp, and postcards dedicated to the days of the exhibition. A vintage car will pass the “baton” from the “Rossica-2013” exhibition to “MonacoPhil-2013”.
Informational support in Russia is provided by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and international informational support is provided by the International Association of Philatelic Journalists.
All participants of “Rossica-2013” will receive diplomas, medals, and prizes.
Andrey Strygin, Coordinator of “Rossica–2013”, e-mail:
Arsen Melitonyan, Head of the Organising Committee Secretariat, e-mail:

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