International Philatelic Show
Международное филателистическое шоу

Москва, 27-29 сентября 2013, Moscow


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Philatelic Literature

(The List of the exhibitors is composed in alphabetic order in according to Russian alphabet)

1. VINOKUROV, Ardaljon; TKACHENKO, Sergey (Russia), “Military censorship in the USSR”.
2. VORONIN, Aleksandr; STRYGIN, Andrey (Russia), “Philatelic Geography”/ With the general editorship by N.Vladinets.
3. GRANDELA, Jose (Spain), “Paper Bullets” book.
4. IVANOVA, Olga (Russia), “The world of stamps and coins” quarterly magazine of Russian National Academy of Philately.
5. ILYUSHIN, Aleksandr (Russia), the official website of the Russian National Academy of Philately,
6. “MARKA” PTC (Russia), “The Postage Stamps of Russian Empire, 1857-1919, RSFSR 1918-1923, USSR1923-1960” catalogue.
7. “MARKA” PTC (Russia), “The Postage Stamps of Russian Federation 1992-2009”catalogue.
8. “MARKA”PTC (Russia), Catalogue.Postal Stationery 1845-2012 “The Russian Empire, the USSR, the Russian Federation, the Grand Duchy of Finland, the People’s Republic of Tannu-Tuva.” 2 volumes.
9. “MARKA” PTC (Russia), “Philately”magazine.
10. CAVALLARO, Umberto (Italy), “AD* ASTRA” quarterly bulletin of Italian Astrophilately Association.
11. CAVALLARO, Umberto (Italy) “Propaganda and pragmatism in the race to the Moon. Reading the History through Astrophilately”.
12. KOLOSOV, Lev (Belarus), "Articles on the History of the Belorussian Post issued in 2008-2011".
13. KREPOSTNOV, Valeriy (Russia), “Postal stationery: Russian Empire advertising prestamped postal cards 1899-1918”, catalogue.
14. KULAKOV, Valentin (with the participation of STRYGIN, Andrey), (Russia), “Rossica” special supplement to “The world of stamps and coins” magazine.
15. KUNIK, Vladimir (Belarus), “The history of development of the Russian Post during the reign of the Romanov family”.
16. LYUBININ, Josef; NIKITIN, Alexandr; GARTSMAN, Ilya (Ukraine), The 1992- 2012 Ukranian First Day Covers Catalogue.
17. MJASKOVSKIY, Igor ; BORDOMYDOV, Pavel (USA-Russia), Information Center "Russia and the World", which includes a library, a directory and a forum. More than 2 thousand Russian articles and links to other philatelic sites.
18. PANFILOV, Igor; STRYGIN, Andrey (Russia), The world economy and international economic relations, (the experience of the illustration of a textbook with philatelic material).
19. PYTLIČEK, Ludvik (Czech Republic), "The rarest Czechoslovak stamps in collection of Ludvik Pytlicek" book.
20. REBELO, Americo (Portugal), Articles on Philately published in philatelic press in 2012-2013.
21. RODIN, Sergey (Russia), the official website of the FIP Section for Astrophilately,
22. STRYGIN, Andrey; TKACHENKO, Sergey (Russia), “Rossica: everything about Russian postage stamps and philately”, monograph.
23. FILATOV, Sergey (Russia), The Governors Postcards Exhibition Catalogue.
24. FINIK, Leon; LERA, Thomas (USA), “G.H.Kaestlin Collection of Imperial Russian and Zemstvo stamps”.
25. HEIJS, Jan (The Netherlands), “The postal wars 1870-2008”, catalogue.

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